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Sonic Footlong Special

Sonic Introduces a new special footlong hot dog at a very limited price of $2.99 which is an incredible deal for fast food lovers. The 3500 drive-in actively serves the delicious cony hot dogs, which they mix entirely with yummy flavors and serve maximally.

New Cony Hot Dog

The newly introduced Cony Hot Dog has many flavors. Normally its size is 12 inches and filled with beef, chicken or any other meat according to the taste.

Spicy Cony

When customers buy ice cream cones, they prefer to have beverages or soda along with them because the cones are spicy enough to make swallowing without a drink difficult when eaten in quarters.

Footlong Special Today Coney & Hot Dog Offers

These are full of calories which boosts the energy of the customers. Customers are given many offers including chilly cheese coney and American Hot dogs, New York Hot Dogs and Chicago Dogs for just $1.99.


The Sonic Company has accepted that about 5 percent of their sales come from it. It is a complete meal and fulfills the appetizer. Mainly served as mid-moon or at dinners.

FAQS about Sonic Footlong Special

Indeed, it is a delectable mixture of both beef and pork.

The Footlong Coney from Sonic is a grilled hot dog that comes in a soft, warm bakery bun and is topped with warm chili and melty cheddar cheese.

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